So another year is gone and many of you have made many resolutions for the new year. For some it may be to release weight, others it may be to eat better and most say that they will exercise. We all start out with good intentions and a few months down the road we slack off. What exactly is it that happens where we lose momentum for the goals we want to accomplish? I will have to say from my own experience that a failure to make a written plan that is visible daily is one of the first mistakes we make. What is motivating the changes you want to make?

Let me start by saying that all the good intentions you have for a better, healthier life in itself is not good enough. Talking about what you want to do is not going to help you release the weight, make you want to exercise or make you want to eat better. Some spend their days interested in doing a whole lot but never putting into action anything that they set out to do. “Oh, I’ll wait until the time is right to do all that I desire to change in my life.” You’ll spend the rest of your days waiting and the “right time” will never come because the excuses come in daily. You get up too late to exercise, you don’t have enough time to cook healthy or you’re too busy with work. The excuses are endless. You started out with good intentions, but you never wrote down a plan of action. Something to hold yourself accountable to yourself. You showed interest but didn’t really feel committed to change.

Here in lies the problem for so many of us “trying” to change for the best. The lack of commitment to your goals is a sign that your “intentions” will not manifest in your life. You’re starting off on the wrong foot so to speak. Some of us decide that we are going to start our own business, or write a book, or give back to the community by serving others and we never take the first step towards our intentions. The words we speak become empty promises that bring about frustration when we find ourselves 6 months down the road still “trying” to make changes in our lives. Then there is the negative self talk. That, I believe is the most detrimental to our personal success. Since we failed to plan, we plan to fail.

Here are 3 easy steps that can help you to create a foundation of commitment and I believe a sure way to get you going in the desired direction of your goals. You have to be more than interested in making changes. You must be doing things for you. Not because everyone else is doing it and it seems cool or the right thing to do. Are you committed to making a change because the outcome for you will be peace of mind, a healthy body or financially free lifestyle? If you truly want to see changes in your life, you must take the first step towards your goals. Nothing can’t be done! All things are possible to those that believe in themselves and their God given powers.

Step 1- 

Write down your plan on paper. Some will want to put this on their EverNote or electronic device but I highly recommend that you get a notepad from the dollar store and write your plan down. I think this makes it more of a commitment. It shows that you took the time to invest a $1 in a notepad to get your dreams or goals on paper. Whatever your goal is, write it down. Think about ways that this goal will help to improve your life in whatever area you wish to change.

Release 20 pounds in 3 months

  • Benefits- better health, fit in my clothes, more energy, happier, feel sexy
  • Disadvantages to keeping the extra weight on- low energy, don’t feel good about myself, complaining about clothes not fitting, feeling overweight, and not really being happy.

I use the weight release as an example because this is what most people resolve to change at the beginning of a new year.

Step 2

Action Steps to Achieve Goal

  • Put written plan somewhere that you can see it every day
  • Set reminders on your phone or electronic device to help you stay on track
  • Find an accountability partner that will help you with your goals
  • Commit to your plan for 21 days

Research shows that doing something for at lease 21 days helps to form a new habit. Depending on your commitment to self and your goal will determine if you are able to keep going after the 21 days. This is key for anyone trying to make a change. I can attest to the fact that once I decided to commit to my health, it was so easy to get up every day and walk. I didn’t set a specific amount of time like 20 minutes of walking or running, I just walked.

At first I started only walking about 30 to 45 minutes. After the 21 days, I was walking 5-12 miles daily. I felt so amazing and so full of energy. I found a reason to smile more. I was feeling fantastic. If I woke up one day not wanting to walk, my body wouldn’t allow it. It became an addiction. A great one at that.

From December of 2015, I weighed 175 at my highest weight without being pregnant. People said they didn’t see it but let me tell you that I felt it every day. Hard to breathe sometimes, lack of energy and just feeling downright disgusted with myself. It took me 6 months to drop 30 pounds. Now please understand that I wasn’t trying to be skinny. Skinny is for the models you see in ads for all sorts of things. I wanted to feel better about myself. When I made the decision to commit to my health and I had my reasons why, it was a no brainer for me. Six months later I have maintained the weight off and I feel wonderful. This leads me to the next step in achieving your goals.

Step 3

Take Massive Action NOW

Too often we start off with the best of intentions in the new year and because we failed to write a plan out and set reminders for ourselves, we never even get to the task of actually taking the first physical step towards a better you.

  • Get up and do the damn thing, whatever that thing is.
  • Celebrate your micro wins with your accountability partner
  • Adjust your action steps to accommodate your comfort levels
  • Keep the vision clear in your mind and remember why you chose change

These are my 3 steps to manifesting your intentions for the new you!! Keep the momentum going and remember that change starts with you. Do whatever it takes to step into the greatness in you!!


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