I turn my classical music on and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 begins to play. I’m in the zone. The instruments playing in the background. I begin to write and I can’t stop. The thoughts just flow with such ease and I feel illuminated. I’m excited, thrilled and ecstatic about my progress as I look down at my paper and the pages are filled from top to bottom. What a thrilling moment. This is what I have found helps me to stay focused. Oh, and a cup of Joe to keep me going after being awake since 1 am.

How do you stay focused when completing a task you’ve set out to do when the phone is ringing or buzzing from a call or text? A notification from an email that just came through. Is it important? should I respond now or later? The distractions keep coming. The children are up and the dog needs to be walked. Ugh! What to do first? I take a deep breath, close my eyes and it all begins to unfold in my mind. Walk the dog, feed the children look at the missed calls, texts and emails and see what needs a response now or later. As I complete my to do’s for the home I then begin to focus on the must do’s for me. I turn up Beethoven and I’m back in the zone.

So many times we make excuses for why we can’t do this or that. We complain about not having enough time to get everything done that we set out to do . “There aren’t enough hours in the day for all that I have to do.” This is the famous line of most procrastinators. How do I know this? I used to use this line quite often and it was an excuse for me to put off the important stuff I needed to do for me. I had made everything about everyone else. I was overwhelmed and I was exhausted. I lost focus easily and it frustrated me when I would realize that I had not done anything I wanted to do for myself because I was busy doing things for everyone else.  I began to resent others and then made more excuses why I couldn’t get things done.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the things you do for others? I was always “busy” doing something for someone because I thought they took priority over my stuff. I would set out to get a task done for myself and then the phone would ring or a text would come or an email would buzz in and I would stop everything to see who needed me. I spent my days responding to requests from friends, family or co-workers. This became an endless cycle of overwhelm for me. I felt like I couldn’t focus long enough to get my stuff done because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Somehow I managed to stay focused on their requests. How could I turn this focus around towards myself without feeling like I was being selfish? I began to think about why I felt the need to put others before my own needs. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to have approval. I wanted to feel included even if it meant that I didn’t have time for me.

This is the type of mindset that keeps you off focus on the most important person, you! It is time to shift your mindset from prioritizing everyone else before yourself. You cannot serve others from an empty cup. Begin to take the time to focus on YOU. It is truly a wonderful feeling knowing that after you got you taken care of, you’ll be able to do for others with joy and happiness in your heart. It will be easier to focus and stay focused. Nothing will be able to deter you from your goals. You have a desire for change yet your actions say otherwise. Your emotions are out there representing how you really feel. Then you wonder why everything is staying the same or getting worse in your life. FOCUS on YOU FIRST!!!

You may be thinking of a million excuses why this can’t be done right now. I’m here to tell you that if you truly desire change, you’ll start by focusing on you first. You’ll take that first step which is usually the hardest step for most. One step at a time and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving so much of what you want for you and others. Focus on you. Then you can focus on how you can help others. When you decide to change your circumstances everything will just fall into place. It really is that simple.

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