There will be times when you fall and scrape your knees. They may even bleed. You may be tempted to make a mountain out of a tiny mo-hill. Like a child who wants to be seen or acknowledged because attention is how he feels loved,  we draw to us at times the wrong attention. We become coddled by those that feel sorry for us but don’t show us how to get up or reassure us that we CAN get back up. You may be tempted to stay on the ground because you just don’t feel like getting up. You’ve convinced yourself that the scraped knee is too badly bruised and will take a long time to heal. “Better stay where I’m at so that it doesn’t get worse” or “if I get up it will only get worse”.

The things that we tell ourselves about what we can or can’t do are always right either way. Is it conditioning to have a defeated mindset? Why of course it is, but you can change your mindset and begin to exercise your strength muscles of the mind. We bring about what we think about and speak about to ourselves and others. We  become accustomed or rather complacent with that defeated mindset. All it takes is a shift in your thoughts and beliefs about your own strength.

I fell at times and have been a victim of my own self limiting beliefs. I thought that I couldn’t get up because the bruises were too bad. There was no way that they would ever heal properly or at all. I was broken and defeated. I was willing to stay down because I thought that I was not good enough. I deserved everything that I was getting was what I kept telling myself. Have you ever felt this way at some point in your life? I have many times and I was surrounded by people that didn’t know how to help me because they too had the same mindset of defeat.

Though you may take hits in life and be knocked down, you have the power to get back up. Nothing or no one can keep you down. The choice to get back up and dust off the dirt and clean the bruises is all yours. Healing will come, but you must be willing to do whatever it takes to make the healing occur faster. The power you possess inside yourself to heal your mind and body from the hits you take is absolutely awe inspiring. There is no outer force outside of yourself that does the healing. That is inside you. You just need to be in alignment with your source.

There have been many instances in my life that have brought me closer to the source of all. When I was ready to receive or willing to receive the things that I was focused on that were for my highest good they appeared in my life as if by magic. Contrary to the things that were working for my highest good, the negative things I focused on also came and I was always ready and willing to receive them because my emotions were bringing them in to my life.

I kept getting knocked down and the recorded messages in my mind kept bringing more of the knock outs. I wasn’t ready to get back up and therefore chose to stay down and wallow in my negative circumstances. Know that whatever you put your focus on will inevitably show up in your life. My advice is not only to focus on the things that are working for your highest good but to feel the feelings associated with them. It is not enough to just think about feeling good. The universe responds to the emotions you are feeling. Feel bad, sad, angry or frustrated then that’s what you’ll see in your experiences. Feel happiness, joy, and love and those things show up in your life as well.

We choose the experiences we go through with how our vibration sends out energy. I have been knocked down dozens of times but simply by choice. At the time it was difficult to believe or understand that I had chosen these experiences. As I draw closer to source I am reminded that my experiences have been my teacher. I am now more conscious of the thoughts  that I focus on. I am more aware of the effects they have on my life. I am always wanting to feel good and therefore my focus is on feeling good. I find  the good in all things no matter how uncomfortable. It wasn’t always this way. Believe you me, I was a mess and couldn’t see beyond the tears, the sadness, anger and self loathing for a very long time.

Looking back, I ask myself sometimes why I even felt the need to stay in these negative emotions for so long. An answer comes to mind. Conditioning by my own doing and listening to others speak negatively. I was drawn to it. I have invited happiness and have asked it to stay. I have embraced love and have been able to forgive the worst travesties in my life. I am at peace. I am so full of love and positive energy. Let me just say that this feeling is so amazing and wonderful that I refuse to let it go again.

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5. This bible verse comes to mind when I think about all the things that are happening in the lives of so many in the ring of a life knock out. It’s only a knock out. You CAN get back up.



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